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Exercise Can Help Treat Psoriasis?

Did you know that exercise can help treat psoriasis?  It may sound like an unlikely treatment method, but studies have found that there are significant benefits of exercise for psoriasis patients. Benefits of Exercise Studies show that psoriasis patients are 7% heavier than those who aren’t afflicted with the disease.  This statistic isn’t really surprising.  […]

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New Treatments for Psoriasis That Work

New Treatments for Psoriasis Today If you suffer from psoriasis today, the good news is that there are new treatments for psoriasis and you can control the cost as well as what you are putting into your body.  When you first notice psoriasis starting you may find it to be aggravating because it is an […]

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Psoriasis On Penis, How Frustrating

Psoriasis on Penis, Can Seriously Hurt Your Sex Life Psoriasis can be found on many areas of the body including psoriasis on penis, also called glans penis. The most common reason for psoriasis flare ups on the penis is due to sexual intercourse. Psoriasis on penis cannot be sexually transmitted and is not considered a […]

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The Type of Exercise That Reduces Psoriasis Risk

Exercise that reduces psoriasis risk, what does that mean? Anyone can develop psoriasis at any age. It’s a frightening fact. But fortunately medical researchers are working hard in an effort to understand what puts people at a lower risk for developing the disease. One recent study, published originally in the “Archives of Dermatology,” indicated that […]

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Best Natural Psoriasis Treatments Methods

Using the Best Natural Psoriasis Treatments are not just and alternative to main stream treatments but something you should be doing as a holistic approach to healing your skin condition. This is a disorder that is autoimmune resulting in the production of excess skin cells. The defense cells of the body somehow confuse the regular […]

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What is Psoriasis in Children?

What is psoriasis in children and how do you treat it? Psoriasis in children is a serious matter, especially for those inflicted with this terrible disorder.   Psoriasis affects over seven million people in the United States. The first outbreak usually occurs between the ages of fifteen and thirty-five however it can also appear at […]

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Psoriasis Study Finally Proves Cardiovascular Disease Risk

It’s been well known for years that psoriasis patients tend to have a greater risk for developing cardiovascular disease and other related illnesses.   And psoriasis isn’t the only condition that is associated with a greater risk of developing cerebrovasular, heart and peripheral artery diseases. In fact, several other inflammatory diseases increase a person’s risk […]

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