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Shaefer Enterprises and Latest Psoriasis Treatment.org are committed to bringing you the latest and most up to date treatments for psoriasis and related skin conditions.  We know the pain, stress, annoyance and embarrassment of these terrible disorders and we are committed to bringing you all of the most successful, recent treatments available.

Chris Shaefer, Shaefer Enterprises


My name is Chris Shaefer and I am a 20+ year sufferer of plaque psoriasis.  My first outbreak occurred in 1991 just before my first born child was brought into this world. I was a young man who was stressing out a little bit with my first child on the way, my wife was having difficulties with the pregnancy, I was working two jobs to make ends meet and maybe drinking a little (lot) to much too.

When I first broke out, I had no clue what the heck was going on with my body.  My first psoriasis breakout was one of my worst if not the worst, in my 20+ year history of this disorder.,  I was covered from head to toe with little red blotches that scaled up, itched and left dry skin flakes all over the floor of our apartment, from me itching.  I was working in the restaurant industry at that time on the Gulf side of Southern Florida (it is really hot and humid there) and I had to wear long sleeve shirts in the heat and humidity just so I could keep my jobs and keep making money to support my new family.

In the 20 years I have suffered from psoriasis, I have accumulated a ton of stories just like this one about how psoriasis has caused mental anguish, stress, and embarrassment.  If you have dealt with this skin disorder for any amount of time, I know you have stories too. 

Included with those stories is also a very long list of over the counter, prescription, and home psoriasis remedies I have tried to heal or cure my problem.  Some of them have not worked at all, some have worked great, for awhile and then they just stopped working and I have had to just stop with some of the prescription medications because of the bad side effects to our skin or bodies.

Because of my history and the talents the good Lord has given me, I have made it one of my personal passions to research and uncover  Psoriasis Treatments that truly work for my fellow sufferers.  Anything that we bring to you on this website or any other site we represent, is researched, reviewed, and has our stamp of approval on it  before we offer it to you. 

Not every treatment we offer will work for everyone, that is just a fact and you and I both know it. 

We do not claim to bring you any Miracle cures,  there is no such thing with psoriasis.  We do promise to bring you the best products available in the world, that do work great for the majority of the people out there and they also will have Great Guarantees and Return Policies, so if they do not work  you can always return them.

Thank you for stopping in, we really appreciate you and your business.  I pray you have great success in treating your skin condition.



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