How To Treat Genital Psoriasis

 Genital Psoriasis Can Be A Embarrassing

Psoriasis On BreastsIf you have been diagnosed with genital psoriasis or think you may have it, the more you know about it, the better you will feel and be able to treat. Inverse psoriasis is the most common type of psoriasis found in the genital area. At first, it will look red, dry, and smooth. You usually won't find the scales until later on.

The pubic area is located above the genitals on both males and females. If psoriasis develops in the pubic area it can be treated. The skin in the pubic area is going to be extra sensitive so caution must be taken when applying any type of medication.

If psoriasis develops on the upper thigh area you may notice several small round patches of red and scaly skin. If the psoriasis develops in between the thigh area walking or running can easily agitate the area and cause soreness and more irritation. Additional medication may be required.

Dermasolve For Genital PsoriasisIf genital psoriasis is discovered in the creases between the groin and thigh area you may notice a red/white patch that is not scaly. The skin may appear to be cracked in several places. Psoriasis in the crease usually occurs more often in athletes as well as overweight people because the skin doesn't have the opportunity to breathe allowing air to circulate around.

If psoriasis develops on the female genitalia area, the vulva will appear to be red and smooth with no scaling of the skin. If genital psoriasisscratching occurs it could cause an infection and irritate the skin leaving scratches and lesions that will need to dry up. This can cause an overload of dry skin which can thicken as it heals. This can also cause dry skin.

If psoriasis develops on the penis, a man may notice red patches that are small in size on the shaft. The skin becomes shiny and smooth but it may also be scaly. A man can develop psoriasis whether he is uncircumcised or circumcised.

p>If psoriasis shows up on the buttocks area, it may appear to be red and not scaly. It may also be mild to moderately itchy. Some people may confuse the symptoms of genital psoriasis with a yeast infection or pinworms, or a hemorrhoid flare up. A visit to the doctor may be necessary in order to rule out hemorrhoids, pinworms, or a yeast infection. If anal psoriasis occurs symptoms may include painful bowel movements, excessively dry skin, itching skin, and possible bleeding.

Psoriasis may occur in the crease of the buttocks. In this area, the skin may appear to be red, dried and scaly skin with many scales. The buttocks area is not as sensitive as the groin area so treatment may be easier.

Treatment for genital psoriasis can include ultraviolet lighting but psoriasis topical treatments is one of the most popular types of treatment today. Prescription medication is not usually necessary to treat genital psoriasis however if the psoriasis is severe your doctor may recommend a combination of ultraviolet light in addition to over the counter topical treatment.

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