What is Psoriasis in Children?

What is psoriasis in children and how do you treat it?

Psoriasis in ChildrenPsoriasis in children is a serious matter, especially for those inflicted with this terrible disorder.   Psoriasis affects over seven million people in the United States. The first outbreak usually occurs between the ages of fifteen and thirty-five however it can also appear at any age. In fact around one third of people who have psoriasis are under the age of twenty when they first notice symptoms.

Thousands of children under the age of ten years old are diagnosed with psoriasis each year. Although some of these cases are not always diagnosed immediately as psoriasis in children because the dry scaly skin can be mistaken for other conditions.

Psoriasis Cream for ChildrenWhen a child has psoriasis they will display symptoms such as discoloration of the nails, pitting of the nails, scaly scalp, as well as diaper dermatitis that is not easy to clear up. Although most infants will not develop psoriasis there are a few cases that have occurred in infants.

The cause of psoriasis in children is not clearly known but it has been proven to be genetic. Scientist believes that there are a combination of things that happen genetically that can make certain children more susceptible to developing psoriasis than others. When a child has psoriasis, their immune system has been activated which can trigger the increase in skin cell growth.

Researchers also believe that there is a combination of factors that can make a difference in who is more susceptible to developing psoriasis and who is not. These factors in addition to genetics include the fact that being exposed to certain factors can contribute but must also be combined with genetics as well. Being exposed only will not prompt the development of psoriasis in children. It's not yet determined exactly what definite factors trigger the development beyond genetics but researchers are still studying the process.

An onset of psoriasis in children can be triggered after a child has developed strep throat or a certain infection. Once a child develops psoriasis they may experience a flare up every two to six weeks after suffering through strep throat, tonsillitis, earache, bronchitis, and other infections involving the respiratory.

Heal Psoriasis In Children

If an area of skin has been traumatized it can be a beginning site for psoriasis to begin later on.  Once a child has been diagnosed with psoriasis treatment should begin immediately in order to reduce the severity. There is no cure for psoriasis in children today however there is some new and modern psoriasis treatments available so the child does not need to suffer with the disease.

Treatment for infants who have psoriasis is limited. Over-the-counter moisturizers, oatmeal baths, and anti-itch creams can be used in infant treatment. Your pediatrician will be able to assist you in finding the right treatment for your child.

Treatment in children who have mild psoriasis includes allowing the child to have more sunlight. If the case is moderate a child may need to go for ultraviolet B light therapy. It's important that if the child develops strep throat all antibiotics are taken in order to prevent the onset of psoriasis.

If a cream or ointment is suggested for treatment of psoriasis in children the topical ointment may contain steroids in order to decrease the amount of inflammation due to psoriasis.

p>Dononex contains calcipotriene which contains vitamin D. It doesn't have many side effects as long as you follow direction. However this medication has not been approved for any child under the age of twelve however a doctor may prescribe it as long as they can monitor the child carefully. Taking vitamin D supplements is not the same as using this topical cream.


Tazarotene contains vitamin A which is sold under the name Tazorac, a brand name available by prescription only. If a doctor prescribes this to a child for psoriasis it may only be given for a certain limited amount of time.

Coal tar has been the longest used treatment for psoriasis. It can be used on the elbows, scalp, shin, and knees. There are limited side effects to using coal tar. The doctor may also recommend using ultraviolet B light treatment along with coal tar.   Salicylic acid can be used along with coal tar and steroid medications in order to provide a complete treatment for psoriasis in children, also remember to use the best shampoo for psoriasis when they have those scalp flair ups, it is inevitable that it will happen might as well be prepared.

Once a child has been diagnosed with psoriasis he or she will probably always have flair ups throughout their lifetime. Once they find a treatment that works it may be important to use that same treatment for all their flair ups for psoriasis in children throughout their life time.

All in One Psoriasis Treatment for Children

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